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In a world where stress, anxiety, and imbalances seem to be a constant presence, many individuals are turning towards alternative healing methods to restore harmony and vitality to their lives. One such practice that has gained considerable attention is Thai Yoga Massage Therapy. Rooted in ancient Eastern traditions,

Thai Yoga Massage is a holistic approach to well-being that focuses on releasing tension, promoting relaxation, and revitalizing the body.

Thai Yoga Massage is a therapeutic practice that combines gentle stretching, acupressure, and energy work to bring the body into balance. It is based on the belief that by manipulating energy lines, or 'Sen' lines, throughout the body, one can enhance physical, emotional, and mental well-being. The art of Thai Yoga Massage has been passed down through generations and is a powerful tool for relieving stress, improving flexibility, and promoting overall health and wellness.

How Thai Yoga Massage Therapy is Done

Thai Yoga Massage Therapy is usually administered by a trained therapist and involves a series of gentle, deliberate movements and stretches. The practitioner uses their hands, thumbs, elbows, and feet to apply pressure and guide the recipient's body into various yoga-like positions.

The recipient remains fully clothed in comfortable attire, lying on a padded mat on the floor or a massage table. The practitioner starts by working on specific energy lines (Sen lines) and pressure points. These techniques help release tension and promote the flow of energy throughout the body.

During the session, the therapist uses their body weight and skill to gently stretch and manipulate the recipient's body. They may use their hands to provide support and apply pressure, and they guide the recipient into different poses and stretches.

Breathing is an integral part of the experience. The recipient is often encouraged to breathe deeply and mindfully, synchronizing their breath with the movements and stretches. This deep breathing enhances relaxation and allows for a more profound release of tension.

Thai Yoga Massage Therapy is a holistic practice that addresses physical, mental, and energetic aspects of well-being. It is designed to improve flexibility, alleviate muscle tension, and promote relaxation. The recipient often experiences a sense of tranquility and rejuvenation during the session, as the gentle touch and therapeutic energy flow work together to create a healing and harmonizing environment.

Thai Yoga Massage Therapy Training

Are you looking for a unique way to help your body and mind relax and unwind?

A Thai yoga course may be just what you need.

Thai yoga is a form of bodywork that combines elements of yoga, meditation, and massage to create a deeply relaxing and therapeutic experience.

Benefits of Thai Yoga Massage Therapy

• Relieves tension and stress

• Increases flexibility and range of motion

• Improves circulation and energy flow

• Boosts the immune system

• Improves posture and balance

• Promotes deep relaxation and calm

In this course, you will learn:

• The principles and philosophy of Thai yoga

• How Thai yoga differs from other forms of yoga and massage

• The basic anatomy and physiology of the body

• How to perform Thai yoga stretches and massage techniques

• How to create a Thai yoga sequence for a full body treatment

• Techniques for incorporating mindfulness and meditation into your Thai yoga practice

• How to use Thai yoga for specific conditions or purposes

• Self-care practices for Thai yoga practitioners

• Ethics and professionalism for Thai yoga practitioners

Who can do this course:

• Yoga teachers who want to expand their skills and offer a new form of bodywork to their students

• Massage therapists who want to incorporate Thai yoga into their practice and offer a unique service to clients

• Wellness practitioners who want to deepen their understanding of the mind-body connection and offer holistic treatments to clients

• Individuals who want to learn a new form of bodywork for their own personal practice and self-care

• Anyone interested in the philosophy and principles of Thai yoga and its benefits for relaxation, stress relief, and overall wellness.

• Anyone who is interested in learning a new form of bodywork and expanding their knowledge of holistic health and wellness practices.

Course Includes:

✔️ Receive & Practice Thai Yoga Massage Therapy

✔️ Thai Yoga Massage Therapy Course

Thai yoga course is an excellent way to learn a new form of bodywork and to deepen your understanding of the mind-body connection. Whether you are a yoga teacher, massage therapist, or simply someone looking for new ways to relax and unwind, Thai yoga can be a valuable addition to your wellness toolkit


Dr. Smitha Prabhakar who conducts the workshop has a decade plus of experience in numerous healing modalities and is a researcher in the same. She's also a recipient of a Lifetime Achievement Award in the Holistic Wellness Space. She is a renowned Wellbeing professional, corporate trainer in stress management and a Reiki Grand Master.

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