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In a world where stress, anxiety, and imbalances seem to be a constant presence, many individuals are turning towards alternative healing methods to restore harmony and vitality to their lives. One such practice that has gained considerable attention is Reiki Healing. Rooted in ancient Eastern traditions, Reiki is a holistic approach to well-being that focuses on channeling and balancing energy within the body.

Reiki, pronounced as "ray-key," is a Japanese term that translates to "universal life energy." It is based on the belief that there is an unseen life force energy that flows through all living beings. When this energy is balanced and harmonious, individuals experience physical, emotional, and mental well-being. Conversely, imbalances in this energy can lead to various ailments and discomforts.

How Reiki is Done

Reiki healing is typically administered by a trained practitioner through a series of gentle hand placements on or near the recipient's body. The practitioner serves as a conduit, allowing the universal life energy to flow through them and into the recipient. The energy is said to naturally gravitate towards areas of the body where it is needed the most, helping to release blockages and promote healing. During a Reiki session, recipients often experience deep relaxation and a sense of tranquility. The gentle touch and energy flow work together to create an environment conducive to healing and rejuvenation.

Reiki can be done in person or even sent remotely, transcending physical boundaries.

Who Can Benefit From Reiki

One of the remarkable aspects of Reiki is its inclusivity. It can be practiced by anyone, regardless of age, gender, or beliefs. Whether you are seeking relief from physical discomfort, emotional turmoil, or simply wish to enhance your overall well-being, Reiki offers a holistic approach that caters to diverse needs. Reiki healing extends its embrace to a wide range of recipients, offering its soothing effects to not only individuals but also to those who might be physically distant or even of a different species.

The beauty of Reiki lies in its ability to transcend physical limitations. Imagine having a friend, family member, or loved one who is going through a challenging time, but they are miles away. In such situations, Reiki offers a heartwarming solution through distant healing . Reiki practitioners are skilled in channeling energy across space and time. By utilizing intention and energy, they can direct the healing energy to the intended recipient, no matter where they are in the world. This means that if you wish to extend the benefits of Reiki to someone who could use some positive energy, even if they're far away, you can do so with the power of intention and the expertise of a trained Reiki practitioner.

Furry Friends: Healing for Pets

Our connection with pets runs deep, and their well-being is just as important as our own. Reiki has found its way into the lives of many pet owners as a gentle and supportive healing method for their animal companions. Pets, like humans, have energy pathways that can become imbalanced, leading to physical and emotional discomfort. By offering Reiki to your pets, you can help alleviate their stress, anxiety, and physical ailments.

Reiki sessions for pets are usually done in person, with the practitioner gently placing their hands on the animal's body or allowing the energy to flow from a slight distance. Cats, dogs, horses, and even smaller animals like rabbits and birds have all shown positive responses to Reiki treatments. The calming and soothing effects of Reiki can help pets who are dealing with separation anxiety, recovering from surgeries, or simply need a boost in their overall well-being.

Reiki Healing Level 2 Training

Review of Reiki Level 1 principles and hand positions.

Introduction to Reiki symbols and their usage.

Distance healing techniques with Reiki symbols.

Healing emotional and mental issues.

Discussion of Reiki ethics and responsibility.

Guidance on setting up a Reiki practice.

Advanced self-healing techniques using symbols.

Hands-on practice sessions.

Receiving the Reiki Level 2 attunement.

Course Includes

● Refreshments such as tea, coffee, water

● Reiki Attunement

Reiki Manual

● Reiki Certificate

● Reiki Ohm Music

● Reiki Practice

Other Reiki Levels

Reiki Level 3

- master level training. Learn a powerful Master symbol, learn how to perform attunements for Level 1 & Level 2 students & more.

Reiki Grandmaster

- the highest level of Reiki training and focuses on the mastery of Reiki practice and teaching. Learn how to perform attunements for Level 1, Level 2, & Level 3 students. Be equipped to train and guide other Reiki Masters.

Become a Reiki Teacher and teach others!


Dr. Smitha Prabhakar who conducts the workshop has a decade plus of experience in numerous healing modalities and is a researcher in the same. She's also a recipient of a Lifetime Achievement Award in the Holistic Wellness Space. She is a renowned Wellbeing professional, corporate trainer in stress management and a Reiki Grand Master.

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