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Are you interested in learning a new holistic therapy that can promote relaxation and overall wellness?

A one-day reflexology course may be just what you need.

Reflexology is a form of bodywork that focuses on the feet, hands, and ears. It is based on the theory that there are reflex points on these parts of the body that correspond to specific organs and systems, and by applying pressure to these points, the practitioner can promote healing and balance in the body.

Benefits of Reflexology

• Relieves tension and stress

• Promotes relaxation and better sleep

• Reduces pain and inflammation

• Improves circulation and energy flow

• Enhances mental clarity and focus

• Supports the immune system

In this course, you will learn:

• The principles and philosophy of reflexology

• The basic anatomy and physiology of the feet, hands, and ears

• How to locate and work with reflex points on the feet, hands, and ears

• How to create a reflexology session for a client

• Techniques for incorporating mindfulness and relaxation into your reflexology practice

• How to use reflexology for specific conditions or purposes

• Self-care practices for reflexology practitioners

• Ethics and professionalism for reflexology practitioners

Who can do this course:

• Massage therapists who want to expand their skills and offer an additional potent form of bodywork to their clients

• Wellness practitioners who want to deepen their understanding of the mind-body connection and offer holistic treatments to clients

• Nurses or healthcare providers who want to add an alternative therapy to their skillset and offer non-invasive treatments for patients

• Individuals who want to learn a new form of bodywork for their own personal practice and self-care

• Anyone interested in the philosophy and principles of reflexology and its benefits for relaxation, stress relief, and overall wellness.

Course Includes:

✔️ Receive & Practice Reflexology

✔️ Reflexology Certificate

Reflexology course is an excellent way to learn a new form of bodywork and to deepen your understanding of the connection between the body and mind. Whether you are a massage therapist, wellness practitioner, or simply someone looking for new ways to promote relaxation and wellness, reflexology can be a valuable addition to your toolkit.


Dr. Smitha Prabhakar who conducts the workshop has a decade plus of experience in numerous healing modalities and is a researcher in the same. She's also a recipient of a Lifetime Achievement Award in the Holistic Wellness Space. She is a renowned Wellbeing professional, corporate trainer in stress management and a Reiki Grand Master.

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