Like psychotherapy for the body, it allows a whole restorative and initiating development to take place, opening the body's memory, gradually cleaning old traumas and letting the energy of pleasure and life (libido) circulate freely.This treatment method brings physical and mental letting go in an impressive way. It allows little by little to restore great confidence and new vitality, to regain self-esteem, a great feeling of peace, joy of living and above all to harmonize the emotional charges blocking our energy.The preparations with sacred plants used in Ayurvedic, essential oils and different vegetable oils in this treatment are distributed proportionally according to the criteria of the phases.

(Non-exhaustive list of EOs used in these preparations) Tea trees, lemon, Eucalyptus, Lavender, Cypress, Ravensare, Niaouli, Savory, Ylang-ylang, Vetiver, Rosemary, peppermint, mandarin, Geranium and Ginger.

How does Massage from 5 Continents session work?

Treatment combining the energy of Reiki and/or magnetism bringing together different types of massages from varied cultures and origins. (lomi lomi, Californian, Swedish, tuina, acupressure, Ayurvedic.) Specific essential oil preparations on the different phases are applied, the first for detoxification, the second for relaxation, letting go and the last for revitalization, reconnection and stimulationof the immune system.

What should I do before a Massage from 5 Continents session?

It's recommended to abstain from food intake for at least 3 hours before your appointment. Additionally, you should limit water intake and wear comfortable clothing for the session.

What happens during a Massage from 5 Continentss session?

It is a massage process linked to the internal healing energy of the person and the universal energy by which the vital force (kundalini) is gently brought up along the body and the spine in order to release a large amount of this power in the heart.This biodynamic massage process awakens natural self-healing processes by unloading bulky emotional memories as well as toxins.

How many sessions do I need to experience results?

The number of sessions required to experience results can vary depending on individual factors and the specific techniques used. It's essential to consult with the practitioner conducting the sessions for a personalized assessment and recommendation. They can provide guidance on the ideal frequency and duration of sessions based on your needs and goals.

Can Massage from 5 Continents sessions help with weight loss?

Massage from 5 Continents sessions primarily focus on relaxation, stress reduction, and overall well-being. While they can be a valuable part of a self-care routine, they are not specifically designed for weight loss. Weight management typically requires a combination of factors, including a balanced diet and regular physical activity. If you have weight loss goals, it's important to incorporate healthy eating and exercise into your routine to achieve desired results.

Are there any specific dietary recommendations to follow alongside Massage from 5 Continents sessions?

Some practitioners may provide dietary guidance to complement the session, often emphasizing whole foods, fiber-rich diets, and adequate hydration.

How can I evaluate the effectiveness of Massage from 5 Continents sessions for my well-being?

To assess the effectiveness, pay attention to how you feel physically, mentally, and emotionally after the sessions. It's essential to communicate with your practitioner about any changes or improvements you experience.

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